Your Guide to Teeth Whitening

Your Guide to Teeth Whitening

Dec 01, 2019

Everyone needs white teeth to get an attractive and healthy smile they wish for. Just be sure if you need teeth whitening or not because not everyone is recommended a teeth whitening procedure. Many of you might be searching for teeth whitening options and the article covers it all. Just keep reading to get the answers.

Methods for Teeth Whitening

Here is a list of teeth whitening products that might help.

Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening

Stain removal is the quality of toothpaste but whitening teeth is not. The special whitening toothpaste has polishing agents that remove stains and brighten your teeth. They do not bleach the teeth but hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide helps lighten the yellow color of your teeth. Keep in mind that it is toothpaste, not magic. It will take time to whiten the teeth.

Gels or Strips for Whitening

Gels are peroxide-based but the quantity of the chemical varies. A brush comes along with the gel for direct application. The quantity and period of use depend upon the peroxide concentration. If a dentist recommends the gel, it is best for you. If you are choosing on your own, do not forget to read the instructions on the box or tube of the gel. The self-prescribed dose is not a healthy choice to make.

The strips are thin little strips composed of whitening gel. Again, the label is important to read. The quantity of peroxide varies in the gel, therefore, you must read the instructions carefully and use accordingly.

Rinses or Mouthwashes for Whitening

The most advanced form of teeth whitening processes is whitening rinses. Like other mouthwashes, these remove dirt and freshen your breath. The bonus point is they also lighten the dark teeth color and gradually your smile is bright and shiny. The results are not instant but according to the manufacturers, it takes 12 weeks for the results to be visible. The peroxide quantity varies so your users should be according to the label of your rinse. The time of their use is shorter but results require sufficient time to appear. The whitening strips need more usage time and the results are visible comparatively earlier than rinses.

Try Whitening Gums

The easiest way to whiten the teeth is teeth whitening gums. They contain sodium hexametaphosphate, which serves as a shield for your teeth. They prevent any staining substances from attacking the teeth. Moreover, they remove previous stains as well. This is the slowest process for whitening. Choose this if you have a lot of patience. Otherwise, move to some other option.

Which One Is Best For Tooth Whitening; DIY or Dentist

Do-it-yourself methods are not as effective as the one performed by a professional. You may require months for the same thing a dentist can do in a few weeks. Other than time, there are other reasons as well. Two of the major ones are:

The dentist will use more concentrated hydrogen peroxide products. On the other hand, the prescribed teeth whiteners have a lesser amount of hydrogen peroxide. As a patient, you cannot handle that quantity yourself. A dentist knows exactly how much your teeth need and the application methods that make the product more effective.

Professionals will use a tray for better-adhering properties. The strip will be held properly. You, on the other hand, cannot get the impression of your teeth and make a mouthpiece tray.

Briefly, a dentist would be a better choice for you. Do not put yourself in tough situations. Find a dentist near you and get those teeth whitened.

How Long Will the Whitening Last

Whitening has several aftercare things to keep in mind. If you expose the teeth to junk and beverages, the whitening would not even last for a month. If you are a good patient and take good care of your teeth, the whitening effects last longer than you expect.

The life of whitening varies from person to person. The level of yellowness, the type of product used contributes to the lasting effect.

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