Why You Need Our Kid’s Dentistry Services

Why You Need Our Kid’s Dentistry Services

Jan 01, 2020

Children need dental care, just like adults if not more than them. Why? Because not only are their teeth developing, but they are also prone to dental cavities. We recommend you get kids dentistry near you as soon as the baby’s first tooth erupts or before their first birthday. This way you will be able to keep track of your child’s dental development.

Millennium Smiles is one of the dental clinics that offer kids dentistry in Frisco, TX. Our kids’ dental services are geared to protect the teeth as well as enhance dental health. Here are some of the reasons to get our kid’s dentistry services.

1. We give hygiene education

It is imperative to teach your child how to brush and maintain healthy dental hygiene. At Millennium Smiles, we take time to teach your child the different brushing techniques. Using our modern dental kid-friendly tools we demonstrate how to use the circular motion to brush gums, teeth, and tongue.

2. We correct dental imperfections

When your child comes for regular dental checkups, the dentist can monitor their dental growth and correct where necessary.

Some of the dental tools we use include space maintainers that protect your child’s dental structure. If the child loses their primary teeth prematurely, we must protect the teeth using space maintainers. Failure to close up the gaps can cause the teeth to shift and lead to the growth of crowded or crooked teeth.

We also use dental expanders to widen the upper jaw, correct crossbites and prevent overcrowding. These appliances are fixed inside the jaw and can only be used before the child’s turns 15 years as their jawbone is still developing. Contact our pediatric dentist for a discussion of the expanders are an ideal solution.

3. We prevent dental decay

Children are more likely to develop dental cavities than adults. However, with regular cleaning, we can prevent decay from developing. Children need professional dental cleaning just like adults—every six months, but starting from age two.

We examine the dental condition and clean out bacterial buildup that may potentially cause decay.

4. We preserve the teeth

The child’s primary teeth are important because they act as space holders for permanent teeth. Any premature teeth loss can cause dental problems in the future. We provide dental sealants that can protect the teeth from cavities. These plastic coatings are painted on both primary and permanent teeth, especially the molars to act as a barrier between the teeth and bacteria.

Additionally, we have pediatric dental crowns that work similarly to sealants. However, these crowns are fixed on the primary teeth to prevent decay. So, as the primary teeth come off, these crowns will fall off too.

If there is a presence of decay, the dentist can perform a baby root canal to remove the decay and preserve the natural teeth and gum. After a root canal, a dental filling will be used to cover the tooth and protect it from further damage.

5.  Monitor their dental growth

The permanent teeth begin to erupt at age six or seven. Because of that, children need to have early orthodontic monitoring to check for the growth and development of the teeth and jaw. This allows us to correct any abnormalities before the jawbone fully develops.

For instance, if the child has crooked teeth, we offer myofunctional therapy and myobrace. This is a pre-orthodontic preventive treatment that corrects dental abnormalities such as crooked teeth and allows the natural development of teeth. With this treatment, your child will not need braces later in life.

Know Your Child’s Dental Development

Besides coming for regular dental checkups, you need to know how your child’s teeth and gum develop. The baby or primary teeth emerge at six months and will continue until age six or seven when the permanent teeth start to erupt. Most of the permanent teeth will come out by age 13 with the last set (wisdom teeth) emerging between ages 17 and 21.
Take note: not all adults have wisdom teeth and those that do, have them extracted.

We Are Committed to Your Child’s Oral Care

We provide you with the best kids’ dentistry in Frisco, TX to ensure your child’s dental needs are met. So, contact us to receive quality dental care for your entire family.