What Should You Do supposing a Dental Emergency Occurs?

What Should You Do supposing a Dental Emergency Occurs?

Jul 01, 2022

Dental emergencies happen so quickly, causing most people to panic since they do not know what to do next. Panicking in a dental emergency prevents you from contacting a dentist near you or caring for the issue. As a result, the problem will escalate and may cost you a tooth. Continue reading to find out what you should do if a dental emergency occurs.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

This is a tooth-related problem that requires immediate treatment. It is any situation that involves facial bone trauma, uncontrolled bleeding, and pain. Immediate dental care is needed to relieve the symptoms, save teeth and prevent infections. Visiting the emergency dentist in Frisco, TX, will save you money. You will also avoid invasive treatments when the problem escalates.

Common dental emergencies include knocked-out teeth, cracked teeth, and broken jaws. They also include abscesses, chipped teeth, toothache, lost filling or crown, and soft tissue injury. In a dental emergency, you may experience bleeding, intense pain, swelling and teeth sensitivity.

Dental emergencies are caused by oral injuries or trauma. These may occur when playing sports, in a car accident, chewing hard foods, or even running down the stairs. An emergency may also occur due to oral infections and poor dental care. In addition, patients who have undergone oral surgery may have surgical complications leading to dental emergencies.

An emergency cannot be prevented, but you can avoid situations that lead to possible dental emergencies. The first thing you can do to avoid such cases is regularly visiting a dentist for dental exams and cleanings. You should develop an oral hygiene routine to keep your mouth healthy and teeth strong. Wearing a customized mouthguard when playing sports will also help.

In addition, you should follow your dentist’s recommendations. If they suggest that you need to have a particular dental treatment, do not ignore them. It may put a person at risk of a dental emergency in the future. Finally, avoid hard or chewy foods that may crack or chip your tooth. These include pretzels, intricate or tough candy, beef jerky, or hard bread.

What Are the Signs of a True Dental Emergency?

Identifying a dental emergency will alert you to seek emergency dental care. Contact the dentist in Frisco, TX, if you notice any signs and symptoms.

  1. Severe ongoing pain not relieved by medication or homeopathic remedies
  2. A knocked out or loose tooth
  3. Painful orofacial swelling
  4. Extreme tooth sensitivity
  5. Infected gums that have knots, swelling, or bulges
  6. Bleeding from the mouth or oral tissues
  7. Dental trauma or injury to the mouth or jaw
  8. Pus oozing from the gums or a metallic taste in the mouth

How Should You Handle a Dental Emergency?

In a dental emergency, first assess the situation. Find out the condition of your teeth if the crisis occurred due to trauma or injury. Know the signs and symptoms of the emergency, then contact the emergency dentist in Frisco, TX. Give the dental expert as much information as you can about the emergency.

This information will help the dentist make a pre-diagnosis. Then, the dentist will instruct you on the actions to take based on the nature of the emergency and symptoms. If the emergency is too severe, the dentist will ask you to rush to the practice for immediate care. The team of dental professionals will prepare to treat you immediately.

A dental emergency requires prompt treatment. So, seek urgent dental care when it occurs. Most dental practices offer urgent dental care after hours, over the weekend, or during the holidays. Therefore, you should not hesitate to seek immediate dental care no matter the time.

If your dentist does not offer dental emergency services, contact an emergency dentist near you. Check online for the contact information of emergency dentists near you. Briefly look at their client reviews to know if they are competent. You can also request friends, colleagues, or family members to recommend emergency dentists.

At Millenium Smiles, we are trained and equipped to handle various dental emergencies. We provide fast and accurate diagnostic through our CBCT X-rays and advanced biometrics. The services provided include full mouth restorations, root canal treatment, and tooth extractions. Contact us for excellent dental services for any dental emergency.

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