Want Whiter Teeth? Try These Foods!

Want Whiter Teeth? Try These Foods!

Oct 01, 2018

Want a bright, white smile? Who doesn’t? If you’re like most people, you want your pearly whites to look, well, pearly. One way to keep your teeth looking great is to brush and floss regularly and to visit Millennium Smiles for regular cleanings. Another way to keep teeth looking bright is to avoid foods that can leave them stained, such as wine, coffee, tea, and some fruits. However, did you know that eating certain foods can help to whiten your teeth, too?

Whiten Teeth with These Foods Teeth – Naturally!

Consider Crunchy Foods. Crunchy and fibrous foods such as carrots, celery, and apples require much chewing, and as a result, their fibrous pulp helps to scrub away sticky dental plaque and polish stains away from your tooth enamel. Broccoli, especially, serves a natural toothbrush and helps to brush away stains.

Don’t Forget About Dairy Products. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese contain lactic acid which can help whiten your teeth and lighten stains. Do you love cheese? If so, you’ll be happy to know that eating cheese yields an additional benefit for your teeth; cheese can affect the pH balance of the mouth and make it unfriendly for decay-causing bacteria.

Think About Citrus Fruit. Citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruit can help brighten your teeth because citric acid can neutralize decay-causing bacteria, too. However, a word of caution before you start stocking up on citrus – too much citric acid can cause damage to your tooth enamel.

Stop and Eat Strawberries. Strawberries? Yes, strawberries. Although these favorite-of-many-fruits seem to stain everything else, the malic acid found in strawberries acts a natural whitening agent against stains.

Choose Chocolate. Yep, chocolate. Specifically, dark chocolate. Why dark chocolate? Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that work to neutralize that bacteria that cause tooth decay, and an alkaloid known as theobromine that can help repel stains.

Stay Hydrated. By now, you probably know that staying hydrated can help protect your health and keep your body systems functioning properly. But, did you know that water helps keep your teeth looking great, too? Yes! Water helps by rinsing away foods and drinks that cause staining.

Do you want whiter teeth? Call Millennium Smiles today for more information about tooth whitening and other cosmetic treatments.

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