Undiagnosed Tongue Tie Could Mean Issues Breastfeeding

Undiagnosed Tongue Tie Could Mean Issues Breastfeeding

Dec 11, 2018

Television commercials can make breastfeeding seems so natural and like a wonderful experience. It can be, of course, but for many women breastfeeding is not at all easy and not always pleasant. It can be frustrating, uncomfortable and downright painful for some women. It can also be difficult for babies, too. But, why? The answer is undiagnosed tongue ties.

How Can a Tongue Tie Affect Breast Feeding?

An untreated tongue tie can make latching on to the breast and successful nursing difficult for infants. Without a successful latch, babies gulp air instead of breast milk, which results in painful gas and upset tummies. This makes babies fussy and can appear as colic in some infants. Painful gas and fussiness can cause babies not to sleep, which in turn means that mom and dad don’t sleep much either.

Untreated tongue ties can also mean pain and discomfort for mom, too. An improper latch can cause pain or soreness in the nipples, bruising and even bleeding for some women.

If a tongue tie goes untreated, babies are also at risk of not gaining weight and a serious condition known as failure to thrive.

All of these conditions can cause women to give up breastfeeding prematurely, but treating a tongue tie early on can help many women succeed in nursing. Treating a tongue tie can also help to ensure proper jaw development, better health for babies and prevent speech and articulation issues in young children, too.

Diagnosing Tongue Ties

Frequently, tongue ties are overlooked by pediatricians and even lactation consultants because the complications can mimic other conditions (colic, milk allergies and other conditions). Since so many children go undiagnosed, it is important to be aware of the signs of a tongue tie.

Look for: 

  • Difficulty breastfeeding or taking a pacifier
  • Difficulty latching on to the nipple
  • Problem staying latched
  • Gassiness
  • Frustration
  • Fussiness
  • Baby wants to eat more often, does not seem satisfied
  • Delayed weight gain

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