The Power of PRP

The Power of PRP

Nov 21, 2018

You may have heard of PRP, aka platelet-rich plasma, for facials, hair restoration, and joint repair, but did you know PRP is increasing in popularity in dentistry, too?

It’s true. This powerful substance is full of growth factors, antibodies, and healing power. Millennium Smiles uses PRP in patients after tooth extractions to speed healing and reduce the risk of infection and dry sockets. Learn more about PRP in this blog.

What Exactly Is PRP?

Image of PRP before being during dental extraction.

PRP is the plasma byproduct of blood rich in platelets, the tiny blood cells that play a big role in clotting. PRP has been used for years in a variety of hospital settings, but only recently, has become more mainstream for cosmetic, regenerative medicine, and dental uses.

PRP’s popularity and availability have increased in recent years because new technology allows for the easy harvest of platelets from just a few vials of blood.

Why Is PRP So Beneficial After Extractions?

PRP has some significant benefits. For one, it allows the body to use its natural healing power. It also speeds up healing, because the growth factors and antibodies found in PRP signal the body to send blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the wound site. PRP also tells the stem cells in the area of the wound to wake up and start regenerating into new tissue. In fact, within just 30 minutes after an extraction, blood vessels and cells are growing into a web-like structure in the wound to protect the jaw bone from being exposed.

Another reason that PRP is so beneficial after dental extractions is that PRP also contains BMP or bone morphogenic protein. BMP plays a critical role in forming new bone tissue, which helps to keep the area of the extraction in good health and can potentially mean patients can skip bone grafts if their jaw is healthy enough to accommodate a dental implant.

Other Benefits of PRP

It’s safe. PRP comes directly from the patient’s own blood, and therefore cannot transmit disease or be rejected by the immune system.

It’s convenient. There is no need to go to a laboratory or hospital to have your PRP generated. Dr. Korous has the state-of-the-art technology to take a small amount of your blood and process it into PRP in the office in about 20 minutes.

It’s powerful. PRP can speed up healing time and heal tissues quickly compared to conventional membrane usage in dental extractions.

For more information about PRP and its benefits, call Millennium Smiles at 972-987-4899.