The Benefits of Myobraces

The Benefits of Myobraces

Aug 01, 2019

Have you heard of Myobrace treatment? If not, you are not alone. Some folks have heard about this innovative approach in passing, but most people are unaware. Myobrace treatment in Frisco is designed to fix tooth and jaw misalignments. Furthermore, the goal is to correct developing oral muscle problems in children. These jaw and teeth concerns are often evident in kids as early as four years of age.

Oral Muscle Pressure

Abnormal oral muscle pressure can shift the natural position of teeth. As a result, the dental arch may become unstable. Your dentist near Frisco may confirm that childhood oral habits affect tooth position. For example, applying pressure to the lips and the tongue such as; lip-, thumb- or finger-sucking, fingernail biting and tongue thrusting against the teeth.

Myobrace Treatment in Frisco

Your dentist near Frisco, TX 75036, uses Myobraces to repair myofunctional flaws. More specifically, Myobrace treatment is designed for growing kids. For this purpose, we want to improve bad oral habits quickly to ensure optimal dental health, jaw growth, and alignment. It can be challenging to determine the root cause of the problem as soon as possible.

The ideal time to identify orthodontic problems is early childhood. Ideally, when the child can respond to Myobrace treatment in Frisco. When treatment is started at the right time, treatment time can be reduced. What’s more, the need for braces in the future may be eliminated. Therefore, Myobraces generate the space needed to encourage proper bone growth.

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Your dentist in Frisco uses a series of dental appliances in a variety of ways. Simultaneously, Myobraces improve bad oral habits and align teeth into their proper positions. These goals are accomplished by wearing the device just one to two hours every day and overnight. This is done in conjunction with daily myofunctional exercises. The exact appliances used are determined by the child’s age and specific orthodontic concerns.

In addition, Myobraces help your child breathe through the nose instead of the mouth. Also, the appliance holds the lips together, allows kids to swallow properly and to achieve the correct tongue resting position. As a result, Myobrace treatment will align and develop both jaws, fix oral habit flaws, enhance facial development, and straighten crooked teeth.

Dentist in Frisco, TX 75036

Early intervention with Myobraces can improve your child’s oral health. Timely treatment, while your youngster is still developing, will fix bad oral habits that lead to oral muscle pressure. So, if your child has one or more crooked teeth, or issues with facial development, Myobrace treatment might be the solution.

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