Taking Care of Your Teeth After the Holidays

Taking Care of Your Teeth After the Holidays

Jan 01, 2023

Everybody loves the holidays as they are the ideal time to relax and put most obligations aside. However, the change in routines and timetables significantly impacts your oral health. Therefore, you should take care of your teeth during the holidays. Read on to learn why you should schedule an appointment with Millennium Smiles-Frisco after the holidays.

How to Care For Your Teeth and Gums During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, most people get distracted during this time and neglect their dental hygiene. The change in routine will have you taking more meals away from home. In addition, you will consume foods and beverages you do not take daily. For example, you will consume more sugary treats.

The lack of proper oral hygiene and increased intake of sugary foods and beverages negatively impact oral health. In addition, it increases the risk of dental cavities and gum inflammation. The dentist in Frisco recommends the tips below to keep your mouth healthy on holidays.

  1. Get an oral hygiene travel kit

Most people travel during the holidays or are away from home for long periods. You can care for your oral health by getting a complete dental cleaning kit. It should include a toothbrush, dental floss, fluoride toothpaste, and mouthwash. Carrying the kit with you will enable you to clean your teeth after eating out or when traveling.

  1. Avoid or moderate alcohol and tobacco consumption

Alcohol and tobacco affect the body’s natural defenses making your mouth prone to health issues. For example, they increase the risk of gum disease, dry mouth, tooth staining, and halitosis. Therefore, you should avoid or control your consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Cleaning your mouth after smoking or taking alcohol will minimize the risk of possible oral health problems.

  1. Stay hydrated

Take more water during the holidays than on normal days, particularly after meals. Water flushes out food particles from your mouth, helping you maintain good hygiene. It also balances the pH level in your mouth, reducing bacteria and plaque formation. Drinking water regularly also helps keep your breath fresher, enabling you to socialize freely.

  1. Chew sugar-free gum

Dentists will advise you to avoid sticky candy, chewing gum, and sugary breath mints. They don’t promote healthy teeth. However, chewing sugarless gum when you do not have a chance to brush after meals is recommended. The gum increases saliva production, making removing food debris in the mouth easier. This reduces plaque formation preventing caries.

  1. Keep a dental-cleaning routine

Maintaining excellent dental hygiene at all times is crucial. Therefore, keep a routine to clean your teeth during the holidays. Take a few minutes to brush and floss your teeth regularly and prevent teeth and gum problems. In addition, schedule a cleaning at Millennium Smiles- Frisco. It will help to eliminate any plaque and tartar.

  1. Limit the consumption of sugary foods and drinks

It may be impossible to avoid taking foods and beverages rich in sugar during the holidays. However, if you limiting how many times you take them helps. Also, cleaning your teeth afterward helps maintain a healthy mouth.

Caring for Your Teeth After the Holidays

It is normal to overindulge over the holidays. However, excessive eating and drinking will take a toll on your teeth. In addition, most people forget to practice proper oral hygiene. Others damage their teeth while opening packages or bottles. Fortunately, taking care of your teeth after the holidays is possible.

The first thing you can do is get back into your dental cleaning routine. You can invest in a new electric and interdental toothbrush to clean your teeth properly. Also, you should avoid snacking on leftover sugary foods or drinks frequently. The most important thing is to schedule an appointment with a dentist near you.

Why Schedule an Appointment With Millennium Smiles-Frisco?

Dental work after the holidays is crucial as it determines the future of your oral health. Therefore, you should visit the dentist for a dental exam and cleaning to ensure optimum oral health. The dentist will examine your teeth for decay, chips, and cracks and provide treatment. They will also check your gums for signs of gum infections.

Book an appointment at Millenium Smiles for various treatments after the holiday.

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