Vivos®️ Appliance for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Frisco, TX


Sleep apnea and other forms of sleep-disordered breathing can negatively affect the quality of your life and decrease your overall well-being. Some of the adverse effects of sleep-disordered breathing include fatigue and exhaustion, restlessness and irritability, morning headaches, dry mouth, and sleep disruptions.

The Vivos®️ System is a breakthrough solution for mild and moderate sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing. It’s safe, effective, and non-invasive and is made to fit all types of patients. Millennium Smiles is proud to be one of the leading dental practices offering the Vivos appliance in Frisco, TX. We undertake comprehensive consultations to determine if the Vivos appliance is best suited for you.

Benefits of Vivos System

If you snore in your sleep or are experiencing other symptoms consistent with sleep apnea, it would be best to arrange a visit with our dentist in Frisco, TX, immediately. Unaddressed and undiagnosed sleep apnea can pose an array of challenges to your well-being and quality of life.

During your visit, our dentist will evaluate various aspects of your oral and overall health to determine if there’s a need for a sleep study. We collaborate with multiple health professionals, including sleep specialists, to create a personalized treatment plan for you. We perform comprehensive checks to obtain information regarding your medical history and overall health. We also conduct imaging to gather in-depth insights into your oral cavity and associated tissues. This information is then shared with the lab that then creates a custom Vivos appliance for you.

How it Works

The Vivos biomimetic medical device is custom made to fit comfortably inside your mouth. The Vivos appliance works by expanding your palate, thus eliminating airway obstruction. As a result, there’s sufficient room for air to flow through without any snoring.

Vivos appliances are virtually invisible, comfortable, and painless. These devices aren’t bulky or noisy, like CPAP machines. They offer long-term relief for sleep apnea and other sleep-disordered breathing difficulties.

Have you always struggled to get a good night of sleep because of sleep apnea? It’s time to look into the Vivos appliance. Millennium Smiles is a leading dental practice in Frisco, TX, with an impressive track record of treating sleep apnea using the Vivos appliance near you. Contact Millennium Smiles today to book an appointment with our dentist in Frisco, TX.

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