Solea® Dental Laser in Frisco, TX

Here at Millennium Smiles, we’re always looking for ways to make our processes more efficient in order to improve our patients’ experiences. Our investment in superior dental technology and our commitment to our patients’ comfort is unmatched. In particular, we’ve adopted laser dentistry as a way to eliminate some of the hassles associated with conventional dental procedures.

One of our most notable investments is the Solea® dental laser, an all-tissue dental laser that has revolutionized laser dentistry. We use the Solea dental laser for a wide range of dental procedures, including cavity removal, periodontal treatment, dental restorations, gum reshaping, and everything in between. The Solea dental laser allows for anesthesia-free, drill-free, and needle-free procedures.

How it Works

Solea dental laser is an isotopic carbon dioxide laser and the first of its kind in the dental industry. Carbon dioxide lasers are the highest power lasers available in the world. Unlike older dental lasers that vaporize water to cut through teeth, the Solea dental laser vaporizes the tooth enamel itself.

Solea dental laser is masterfully engineered to offer seamless precision, whether we’re working on soft tissues (your gums) or hard tissues (your teeth). By vaporizing tooth enamel, the laser allows our dentist to remove infected bits without using a dental drill. Solea laser cuts through soft tissue powerfully and painlessly, and with less bleeding. Since very minimal damage is done to the tissue, healing is also faster.

Benefits of Solea Dental Laser

The benefits of Solea dental laser are numerous and profound. For starters, the laser eliminates the need for anesthesia and drilling. Without these two components, our patients feel less anxious. At the same time, treatment is faster since our dentist doesn’t need to wait for you to get numb, and can work on multiple quadrants without taking breaks.

By eliminating dental drills, Solea dental laser also reduces splatter and dental aerosols by an impressive 99.9 percent. This virtually eliminates the risk for transmission of any harmful pathogens contained in splatter.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Solea laser is that it allows patients to receive dental treatments without experiencing any pain. Healing times are also faster.

Don’t let the fear of needles and the sound of dental drills stop you from getting the dental care that you require. Thanks to the Solea dental laser, dental appointments are now painless, anxiety-free, and memorable experiences.

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