Root Canal Treatment in Frisco, TX

Root Canal Treatment

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Have you been diagnosed with severely decayed, damaged or infected teeth? Experiencing a chronic toothache or tooth sensitivity that won’t go away? You may be in need of root canal treatment in Frisco! At Millennium Smiles we are proud to offer root canals near you for our patients that are interested in preserving and protecting their natural tooth, avoiding a tooth extraction and missing tooth. Not sure if you need a root canal? Common signs that a patient may need root canal therapy include:

  • Severe Toothache
  • Pressure/Chewing Sensitivity
  • Temperature (Hot/Cold) Sensitivity
  • Darkened/Discolored Tooth
  • Swollen Gums
  • Tender Gums
  • Infected Gums
  • Abscess

Many patients however experience little to no symptoms until the issue has progressed. Scheduling routine dental care with your dentist can help reduce your risk for decay, infection and even the need for root canal treatment.

About Frisco Root Canals

Did you know that deep within the enamel (outer white part) of your tooth, there is a root canal? The root canal contains nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues responsible for keeping your tooth healthy. However, when decay, infection or damage reaches the tooth pulp/root, severe problems can occur.

During root canal treatment, a tiny incision is made in the affected tooth, allowing our Frisco endodontist to access the root canal. The root canal is then completely cleaned, disinfected and sealed. Following root canal treatment, a dental crown is recommended to improve the appearance, strength, function and health of the affected tooth.

Benefits of Root Canals

At Millennium Smiles our main goal is to protect and preserve our patient’s smiles. Root canal treatment can be a great option for avoiding a tooth extraction and living with missing teeth.

Schedule Root Canal Therapy in Frisco Today

Think that you or a loved one may need Frisco root canal therapy? Contact Millennium Smiles today, we are always pleased to treat new patients and would be happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation to determine if a root canal is your best option. We look forward to treating your smile!

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