Dental Extractions in Frisco, TX


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You may be familiar with getting a wisdom tooth removed, but there may be other teeth that need to be extracted from the mouth for various reasons. At Millennium Smiles in Frisco, our dentists take a comprehensive look at your mouth to pinpoint what treatment you need and the reason it will make your mouth feel more comfortable and look brighter and healthier.

If you have a tooth with excessive decay or damage, infections in teeth or gum tissue, or if your teeth do not have enough space in the mouth, then a Millennium Smiles dentist may recommend tooth extraction as a treatment option for you. The procedure is done by a licensed dental professional such as a general dentist or an oral surgeon. The procedure is done quickly and can be very simple if teeth are not below the gum surface, broken, or impacted.

Hate Dental Extraction? Focus on Oral Healthcare as a Prevention Measure

Proper dental care can prevent the need for excessive tooth extractions. It is recommended in Frisco that patients visit the dental office at least twice a year to get a thorough dental exam and a cleaning. Dental exams help dentists catch problems and fix them before they get worse and impact the way you chew or speak. Cleanings done at your dental office remove stubborn plaque and calculus that may not be removed by brushing.

Gum Diseases are a Bigger Problem than You Think – Know about Them

It is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day to get rid of bacteria that can cause decay in the gum tissues. If your flossing or brushing habits are not up to par, the likelihood of developing diseases like gum disease increase. You may notice swollen or bleeding gums if you have this disease and should schedule a dentist’s appointment.

Visit A Dentist near You for Early Detection of Dental Issues

The main benefit of regular checkups and dental exams is to save patients from dealing with future dental issues. Your Millennium Smiles dentist in Frisco takes an in-depth look at your mouth and all of its components. Your tongue, gums, throat, teeth, jawbone, and the surrounding tissues are analyzed for abnormalities that may require further treatment. Your dental health is in good hands at our facility.