Advanced Biometrics

Advanced Biometrics

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When it comes to understanding the functions of the body, advanced biometrics provides a great amount of insight for dental practitioners. One of the most important things that dentists and other professionals in the dental field are passionate about is making sure that all of the parts of the body involved in the chewing of food are operating at peak efficiency. When something is not working properly, this causes intense pain and discomfort for the patient. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is a common cause of patient distress, and biometrics helps to treat it.

When patients present with TMJ problems, it often is in the forms of headaches, pain, and issues with chewing hard food. Sometimes the joint itself can prevent patients from enjoying the food they like because the pain associated with chewing is problematic. It should never be a choice between enjoying the things you love and being pain-free. With advanced biometric services like a Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA), you can get your TMJ issues treated properly.

When you have a JVA done, the process is really simple. You get a device that goes over your head like headphones and then you do a variety of movements with your jaw. The JVA determines if your TMJ joint is functioning efficiently. If it isn’t functioning properly, then there are a whole bunch of treatments that can be prescribed for therapy. The key to the JVA is using the sensors to check out the vibration of the joint.

The reason why joint vibration is important is that it tells the dentist how much your joint is moving relative to how much it should move. When your TMJ joint is moving too much, it will click and pop, and the problem there is the muscles operating the joint get tired, which is a cause of headaches and pain. The joint comes out of alignment,and that causes further problems.

Getting the diagnostic information to a dentist to solve TMJ problems is quite important. Understanding the body’s efficiency is the reason doctors trust advanced biometrics. Stop in today if you are experiencing pain that you believe is related to TMJ.