Serious Sleep

Serious Sleep

Feb 10, 2020

While we frequently talk about sleep apnea and how it affects adults but did you know that it has severe and potentially lifelong effects on kids, too. The seriousness of these consequences makes it essential to treat sleep apnea as soon as possible. We suggest coming to see Dr. Korous at Millennium Smiles in Frisco, Texas, if you suspect sleep apnea or another sleep disorder in your child, or they have received a sleep apnea diagnosis.

Why Treat Sleep Apnea in Children?

Sleep apnea is something to be concerned about because leaving it untreated can result in long-term consequences for the brain and overall health.

This is because children who are growing need rest, and when sleep apnea is present, it means they are not reaching NREM sleep, where growth hormones are regulated. As a result, kids living with are living with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders are generally undersized compared with their peers.

Sleep disorders do not just affect growth; they can also cause developmental deficits in your child. These deficits include the inability to learn new skills, lack of decision-making ability, and problems with memory.

Additionally, their prefrontal cortex can also be negatively affected. When this happens, reasoning, problem-solving skill, and the ability to process information are affected.

Sleep apnea and sleep disorders can also cause language and speech impairment.

Some behavioral problems in kids living with sleep disorders such as include conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Lack of focus
  • Learning disorders and cognition problems
  • Socialization problems

Another consequence of sleep disorders is nighttime bedwetting that can extend into persists into adolescence. If your child has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, or you suspect they have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, give Millennium Smiles in Frisco, Texas, a call at 972-468-8771 today.