Myobrace: 4 Steps for Straighter Teeth in Children

Myobrace: 4 Steps for Straighter Teeth in Children

Jul 10, 2018

At Millennium Smiles, Dr. Dunia Korous is proud to offer Myobrace treatments for some of her youngest patients.

Myobrace is a preventative pre-orthodontic treatment than can eliminate the need for braces later on, in a majority of cases.

Most people assume it is best to wait to begin treatment until a child has all their permanent teeth. However, waiting until a child has all their permanent teeth is not always the best course of action. Many children develop poor oral habits long before their permanent teeth are present.

Myobrace treatment begins with correcting poor oral habits. The older a child is before they begin treatment, the more likely they are to have developed bad habits. Treatment is most effective when it can begin before poor habits are ingrained in the child.

Myobrace treatment involves four stages:

  • Habit correction,
  • Arch development,
  • Dental alignment, and
  • Retention.

Step 1: Habit Correction

This stage is designed to teach the child to breathe through their nose instead of the mouth, train their tongue to rest in the right position, swallow correctly, and keep their lips closed with they are not speaking or eating.

Correcting these habits will help the child’s jaws grow the proper size so teeth come in straight naturally.

Step 2: Arch Development

In addition to the habit correction in Step 1, additional arch development may be needed in order to widen the upper jaw. This will create enough space for the teeth and tongue.

Step 3: Dental Alignment

While the child’s permanent teeth are coming in, a Myobrace appliance is used to align teeth into their natural position.
In the majority of cases, Myobrace can eliminate the need for braces when the appliances are used correctly and worn according to the dentist’s instructions. However, in some cases braces or other orthodontic treatment may still be required. In those cases, the child will need to use braces for a much shorter period of time thanks to the Myobrace system.

Step 4 – Retention

Unlike traditional braces, Myrobrace’s retention phase often prevents the need to wear a permanent retainer for extended periods of time.
If you’d like to learn more about Myobrace treatment, call our Frisco Dental office today to schedule a consultation.