Mom Was Right About Everything

Mom Was Right About Everything

May 13, 2019

Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day, and we hope that you got loved on and appreciated for being a mom, and we hope that you got to spend time with your mom. We also hope that you had a chance to make it to our second annual Mother’s Day event at Millennium Smiles in Frisco, Texas. We love pampering moms! Moms play an essential role in our lives and shape us to be who we are today. Moms also play a significant role in shaping our dental health, too.

You’ve probably heard your mom say, “Don’t eat so much sugar, it’s bad for your teeth,” and, “Be sure to brush your teeth before going to bed,” a time or two, right? Well, she’s got some good reasons for these reminders.

You’re Eating Too Much Sugar. Too much candy, sugary sweets, and fruit snacks can be bad for your oral health. We’re not saying to take them off the menu entirely; we’re saying to limit how much you eat. Why? The bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay love these sugary snacks you love, too! Restrict the consumption of these foods can help prevent their growth.

Slow Down on the Sodas. Before you reach for that soda or sports drink, there’s a good reason your mom was pushing water or milk. It’s not just that these drinks are high in sugar – they are also high in citric acid, which can damage your tooth enamel over time. And, tooth enamel does not grow back. Limiting these drinks can help protect your teeth from decay and painful tooth sensitivity. If you’re going to drink a soda or sports drink, be sure to rinse your mouth out thoroughly after you finish or use a straw to keep the liquid away from your teeth.

Go Brush Your Teeth. Listen, we know your mom probably said this to you multiple times, but it wasn’t just to bug you. Brushing twice a day can help break up sticky dental plaque that covers your teeth and gums. This plaque is home to the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

And, don’t forget to floss, too! Did you know that flossing does 40 percent of the work of your toothbrush and can reach the surfaces of your teeth that your brush can’t even reach!

So, the moral of the story? Listen to your mom! She was right most of the time, anyway!

And another thing: If you’re a mom-to-be, be sure to schedule regular dental appointments during your pregnancy with Millennium Smiles in Frisco, Texas. Pregnancy can cause a temporary condition known as pregnancy gingivitis and also increase the risk of cavities.

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