Mind Your Mouthguard

Mind Your Mouthguard

Mar 06, 2018

April is National Facial Protection Month, and this means that March is a great time to talk about not only making sure you or your child wear a mouthguard for sports, but it is also time to talk about cleaning your mouthguard.

Why Is Wearing a Mouthguard Important?

Wearing a mouthguard in sports is important because it can protect your teeth from damaging impacts. Each year, dentists across the country see patients in pain from taking a blow, hit or ball to the face. Dr. Korous does not want to see this happen to you. So, pack your mouthguard along with the rest of your gear and be sure to put it on before heading into the game.

Now, Let’s Talk About Cleaning Your Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth and mouth from damage, but cleaning your mouthguard helps to protect your teeth and mouth in another way: from bacteria. Think about it, you eat a snack before the game and don’t a chance to brush your teeth (which decay-causing bacteria love), then you put in your mouthguard.

Those decay-causing bacteria transfer to your mouthguard. After the game, when you toss your mouthguard into its case or your locker, the bacteria get a chance to grow in a dark environment. Then, the next time you put your mouthguard in, you’re exposed to more bacteria.

Sounds yucky, right? That’s because it is!

Take the time to brush your teeth whenever possible before wearing your mouthguard and spend a few minutes after your game or practice sanitizing your mouthguard to protect from illness or tooth decay.

Dr. Korous recommends that you:

  • Rinse your mouthguard immediately after wearing with warm water
  • Brush your mouthguard with a toothbrush to remove bacteria, saliva and food particles
  • Let your mouthguard dry thoroughly on a clean surface
  • Once your mouthguard is completely dry, store it in a case
  • Deep clean your mouthguard regularly by soaking it in over-the-counter denture cleaner or a hydrogen peroxide and vinegar mix for 30 minutes. Let dry completely after deep cleaning

Dr. Korous also recommends cleaning your mouthguard case regularly, too.

Finally, NEVER share your mouthguard with anyone else!

Learn more about taking care of your mouthguard and your teeth by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Korous today by calling 972-987-4899.

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