Managing TMD Jaw Pain in Frisco: The Do’s and Don’ts

Managing TMD Jaw Pain in Frisco: The Do’s and Don’ts

Jul 16, 2019

Have you started to experience jaw pain and wonder if it could be TMD – even though you’re not sure what the initials stand for? Are you searching for a dentist near me in Frisco, TX that can explain not only what TMD stands for, but offer some treatment options to put an end to your pain? If so, we invite you to keep reading to learn more!

Putting a Name to Your Jaw Pain

TMD is an acronym for temporomandibular joint disorder, a dental disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in approximately 12% of the population. And if you’re one of those that fall within that percentage, you know the disorder can cause sleepless nights, daytime headaches, an aching jaw, and more. Some of the most common symptoms that patients mention when visiting their dentist in Frisco, TX include:

  • Unexplained swelling around the jawline
  • Ongoing pain in the neck, head, or jaw
  • Impaired use – also known as limited mobility – of the jaw
  • Occasional locking sensation of the jaw joint
  • Audible clicking sounds coming from the jaw joint
  • New and unexplained tooth sensitivity

If you recognize yourself in any one or more of the above symptoms, you could be suffering from TMD. And although many patients believe they can self-diagnose and self-treat the condition, it can only truly be diagnosed for insurance purposes through a dental exam.

Some Do’s and Don’ts to Self-Manage TMD Pain

For those of you waiting to see your dentist 75036 to TMD treatment in Frisco, TX, here are some things to do in the meantime to help manage your discomfort:

DO plan your meals to include foods that do not require a lot of chewing

DO make sure that you’re sleeping in a position at night that is comfortable for your jaw

DON’T chew hard objects like fingernails, pens, ice, or even tortilla chips

DON’T clench your jaw when you’re stressed – try always to stay mindful of this!

DON’T to try to stop the pain with over-the-counter treatments – instead, see your dentist in Frisco, TX for a custom made TMD mouthguard or other treatment option

Why You Should Not Ignore Professional Treatment

Failing to treat TMD can have negative effects on your overall health. In addition to experiencing pain in your jaw or face, the pain can spread to your back, and you may experience a loss of hearing, choking, loss of balance, and increased frequency and intensity of headaches. In extreme cases, you could have a permanent loss of function in your hands and fingers – all of which could lead to anxiety and depression.

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