Is Fear of the Dentist Genetic

Is Fear of the Dentist Genetic

Jan 06, 2020

Is being afraid of the dentist genetic? No – but it may be something you pick up from family members. Millions of adult Americans claim dental anxiety or dental phobia, which causes them to stress when visiting the dentist or causes them to avoid the dentist altogether. If you’re one of these individuals, you may be unintentionally projecting your feelings of stress and anxiety about the dentist on to your children, too.

Kids and Dental Phobia

We understand that the dentist’s office can be a little scary. A lot of different sounds, sights, and smells, plus the fear of needles can make anyone on edge. But, going to the dentist is critical for good oral and overall health. So, ensuring that your children feel at ease at the dentist is very important – and it’s something we focus on at Millennium Smiles.

But you have to do your part, too.

Research has shown that although moms often choose the family dentist and are the ones who take their children to the dentist more often than their fathers, dads have a more significant impact on dental fear or dental phobia in children.

So, if dad acts fearful or talks negatively about visiting the dentist, children could be left with negative feelings about dental visits. Ideally, both parents should come together to encourage children to look forward to or at least be comfortable at the dentist.

You can do this by:

  • Using positive talk about dental visits when talking to your children about exams and cleanings.
  • Establish a fun countdown activity making the days before the visit.
  • Plan a special reward or treat for after the appointment.
  • If you cannot talk your child to the dentist because of your dental fear or phobia, send them with someone who can.

If you do recognize true anxiety in your child regarding visiting the dentist, talk to Dr. Korous about ways we can make the visit more comfortable – for the whole family.

Ways We Make Visiting the Dentist Comfortable

We pride ourselves on being a great dental practice and focus on making sure our patients are comfortable and relaxed. We understand dental fear and phobia, and as a result, we have added things such as:

  • Mood lighting
  • Music
  • Massage chairs
  • Hot towels

We also stay up-to-date on modern dental techniques and technology – which means a more comfortable experience for you. One piece of technology that we recently added to our practice is the Solea Laser – a new and painless way to treat everything from gummy smiles to cavities – without needles!

Want to learn more about Solea Laser and Millennium Smiles? Give us a call today at 972-468-8771 to learn more.