The Benefits of Invisalign

The Benefits of Invisalign

Oct 30, 2017

Dreaming of a perfect smile without the hassle of braces? Thanks to Invisalign, your dream can become a reality! Once upon a time, braces were the only course of orthodontic treatment to straighten and align your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. These days, you can achieve the smile of your dreams without having to deal with braces by choosing the Invisalign system.

Invisalign works to straighten your teeth through a series of virtually-undetectable clear molds, which gradually align your teeth until the final results have been achieved. Dr. Dunia Korous and the rest of the Millennium Smiles staff are here to help patients seeking Invisalign in Frisco, TX get a brilliant, beautiful smile!

Some key benefits of choosing Invisalign include:

Eat What You Want – One of the worst things about getting braces is the list of foods you must avoid until they are removed. Some of your favorites, such as ice cream, popcorn and hard candy, are total no-nos from the moment your braces are put on. With Invisalign, there are no such restrictions. Because the series of Invisalign trays are designed to be completely removable, you can take them out before you eat and put them back in your mouth as soon as you have finished your meal. This means you can kiss the “do not eat” list goodbye!

Brushing is a Breeze – Unlike braces, which can be difficult to properly brush and floss around, the Invisalign system allows patients to continue brushing and flossing normally once they take out their alignment guides. The Invisalign trays themselves are easy to care for as well- simply rinsing them out regularly and brushing them gently with regular toothpaste is all you need to keep them fresh and clean. Invisalign eliminates the need for special toothbrushes and flossing contraptions that have to be used with braces. Achieving a perfectly-aligned smile has never been this easy!

Nearly Invisible – There’s a reason it’s called Invisalign- unlike braces, which are completely obvious to everyone you see and talk to, the Invisalign system is practically undetectable from far away, and much less noticeable than traditional braces when speaking to someone. This gives you the ability to achieve the smile of your dreams without having to feel self-conscious about your orthodontic appliance. With Invisalign, you can face the world proudly and with confidence the whole time you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Want More Information on Invisalign in Frisco, TX?

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