Infographic: Oral Cancer Statistics

Infographic: Oral Cancer Statistics

Apr 17, 2018

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month so we’ve put together this infographic to answer some of your top questions about oral cancer.

How common is oral cancer?

The American Cancer society estimates there will be more than 51,000 new cases of oral cancer this year. About 3,800 of those cases are expected in Texas.

Estimated New Oral Cancer Cases, 2018

What are my chances of developing oral cancer?

The chances of developing oral cancer increase as you age. People 70 years and older are at the greatest risk of developing oral cancer.

Probability of Developing Oral Cancer, 2012-2014

Lifetime risk or risk for those who are cancer free at the beginning of selected age interval.

Your gender could be linked to you chances of developing oral cancer as well. Oral cancer rates are higher in men than women. The American Cancer Society notes this difference may be linked to higher rates or both tobacco use and drinking in men.

Oral Cancer Incidence Rates, 2010-2014

Average annual rate per 100,000, age adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.

What can I do to protect myself?

As with all cancers, the key to fighting oral cancer is early detection. Dr. Korous screens for oral cancer at her Frisco dental office as part of routine dental exams. Call our office today to schedule your twice-a-year cleaning and dental exam.

Source: American Cancer Society. Cancer Statistics Center. Accessed April 17, 2018.