How to Opt Right Toothbrush For Your Kid

How to Opt Right Toothbrush For Your Kid

Apr 01, 2022

Dental hygiene is one of the most difficult things to instill in a growing child’s daily routine. Somehow, children just do not find brushing and flossing their teeth necessary for their day.

They would skip out on it altogether if it were left to them. However, as a parent, you understand how fundamental their oral health is in determining their overall health, and that is why you will do all you can to ensure their oral health stays on point.

One of the best ways to maintain their oral health is to visit our kids’ dentistry in Frisco, TX. Our kids’ dentist in Frisco, TX, is trained and certified to handle all dental issues that a growing and developing child may encounter.

It is fundamental to have these regular dental visits; however, the bulk of the load falls on you as a parent to keep your child’s dental health on check-in between these dental visits.

This means that you should see to it that your child brushes at least twice a day and flosses their teeth once a day correctly to keep tooth decay, infections, and gum disease at bay.

The first step towards making these dental hygiene sessions effective is picking out the correct toothbrush to fit your child’s dental needs.

Here’s how you can select the right toothbrush for your kid.

Guidelines to Follow on Selecting the Right Toothbrush For Your Child

When it comes to selecting the right toothbrush for your child, there are many factors to consider. Here are some of the factors you should have in mind;

  • How Soft Are the Bristles?

This is one of the key factors you need to look at. A child’s toothbrush should have soft bristles because these bristles will gently clean their still sensitive gums and teeth.

Soft brush bristles will guarantee that the twice a day brushing sessions are a pain-free affair

Harder bristles can irritate and even injure your child as they brush and do not do a thorough job. Regardless of your child’s age, you should ensure that the toothbrush you pick out has soft bristles and polished ends to gently but effectively clean the teeth and gums.

  • It Should Be the Right Size

The brush you select for your child should fit comfortably in their tiny hands and mouths. This will make it easier for them to grip it firmly and brush as they should. Selecting a correctly proportioned toothbrush for your child will also ensure that it fits perfectly in their mouths and can be moved around comfortably to clean out all tooth surfaces.

  • Your Child’s Age

When picking out a child’s toothbrush, age is one of the key factors to consider. For instance;

Babies and toddlers need ultra and extra soft toothbrushes that are brightly colored and have smaller heads to fit inside their tiny mouths comfortably. Children aged between 5 to 8 years of age need toothbrushes that look more like adult toothbrushes with smaller heads and soft bristles.

The brushes should also be easy to grip and handle to develop manual abilities.

They also love cartoon-themed toothbrushes that are guaranteed to brighten up their daily brushing sessions. You can focus on the more complex features such as soft bristles and polished ends and let them pick out their favorite cartoon-themed toothbrush.

Children can independently brush their teeth between ages 8 to 12, and their toothbrushes are more or less like adult toothbrushes with slightly smaller and slimmer heads.

  • Is it Manual or Electric?

There are electric toothbrushes tailor-made for your young one; however, before going out to pick one of these electric toothbrushes for your child, it is important to ask our kids dentist near you to recommend one that will suit your child’s needs.

You can enquire about this during your routine dental visits to our kids’ Dentistry in Frisco, TX.

Not every electric toothbrush is suitable for children. Some electric brushes have bulky handles, so you should ensure that the one you pick out is specifically designed for kids. This will mean having a smaller handle and head and soft bristles.

You can also opt to pick one with an in-built timer that provides an added advantage over the manual option because it will ensure you adhere to the two minutes per brushing session recommendation.

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