How Long Does It Require for Ozone Treatment to Work?

How Long Does It Require for Ozone Treatment to Work?

Jan 01, 2022

Ozone treatment in dentistry is not what most people imagine when they hear the term ozone. Ozone is a particular layer in the atmosphere protecting us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, the ozone molecule is also used in dentistry.

A review from the Saudi journal of dental research states ozone molecules contains three atoms of oxygen bonded together to create an adversely charged particle existing as a colorless gas. The use of ozone in dentistry began in the 30s because of its robust antibacterial and wound healing properties. Currently, ozone is widely used in Europe and South America, states an article in interventional neuroradiology. Ozone therapy also provided by Millennium Smiles works fast after application on sensitive areas as a remineralizing agent.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone is a supercharged form of oxygen with unique disinfecting abilities. Ozone attacks off various types of bacteria, causing periodontal disease, dental pain, and tooth decay. The dentist near me uses ozone therapy when cleaning areas of the mouth in conjunction with a specialized ozone machine. The dentist uses a blast of ozone to eliminate harmful microbes or bacteria.

The application of ozone can happen in the form of liquid or gas. The dentist in Frisco, TX, uses medical-grade pure oxygen when generating pure ozone for use as a gas or liquid. A consultation with the Frisco dentist helps you determine whether you can benefit by adding ozone therapy to your dental health routine.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

The benefits of dental ozone therapy are several because of its vast number of applications in the Frisco dental clinic. The dental facility has incorporated this advanced technology to enhance their treatments to benefit their patient’s oral health. A few examples of the benefits of ozone therapy are mentioned below for your reference.

Ozone Dental Therapy Fights Decay Causing Bacteria

Ozone is incredibly stronger than chloride when used as an antibacterial ingredient against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa because it can stimulate blood circulation and immune responses. As a result, ozone often helps to treat infections that are traditionally treated physically or through antibiotics. Ozone also helps sterilize tooth extraction sites, pre-wash surgical areas in other methods.

Ozone Therapy Supports Gum Health and Healing

Ozone therapy in Frisco, TX, successfully uses ozone to treat periodontal disease. During the treatment, the dentist flushes 3 ozonated water below the gum line or gas into the gum tissue to restore the mouth’s health.

Ozone Treatment Is Non-Invasive

If you are anxious about dental pain or procedures, you find ozone treatment an excellent option. Ozone therapy helps in plaque restraint, reduces sensitive tooth necks, and helps with cavity blocking without invasive tools or distress.

Ozone injections helped relieve symptoms of temporomandibular joint pain in patients indicating another potential use for ozone therapy. In addition, ozone therapy has also proven beneficial to treat infections associated with the tissues in and around the tooth and mouth, including sinus infections and lesions from viruses and fungi.

Ozone Therapy Cost and Coverage

Estimating the cost of ozone therapy is challenging because the treatments are personalized according to your medical condition and the time required for the treatment. Unfortunately, both Medicaid insurance companies don’t cover ozone therapy. Therefore you must discuss the costs of ozone therapy in advance with your dentist to ensure you are not caught on the wrong foot, especially if you need invasive treatments like root canals.

Research conducted in 2019 revealed the effectiveness of ozonated water as a disinfectant during root canals. Ozonated water also helps desensitize exposed dentin besides other uses. However, ozone therapy, either for dental or other medical services, is best provided by a trained healthcare provider or neuropathic professional because different products are available on the market, claiming they can give ozone therapy. Unfortunately, none have been proven effective.

Currently, sufficient evidence isn’t available for the FDA to support ozone therapy uses. However, suppose you seek dental treatments from the dentist in Frisco. In that case, you can rest assured the professional is trained and experienced to provide ozone therapy and ensure you avail all the benefits of the treatment as discussed in this article. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the FDA hasn’t approved the use of ozone treatment for any conditions, there aren’t good long-term studies to determine all the adverse side effects.

If you want to undergo ozone therapy from the dentist near you, inquire if the treatment is suitable for you. If you aim to try the treatment, ensure you choose a provider experienced in ozone remedy before proceeding.