Healthy Gums Are Important

Healthy Gums Are Important

Apr 15, 2016

Millennium Smiles in Frisco emphasizes the benefits of routine preventive dental care visits for patients of all ages. These visits provide our experienced staff the opportunity to spot gum disease in the early stages when conservative treatment options are effective. Early-stage gum disease, known as gingivitis, results when plaque begins to build up along the gum line due to poor oral hygiene, lifestyle habits, medical conditions or medications and other causes. It is often able to be treated with a thorough dental cleaning and additional at home oral hygiene such as an antibacterial rinse.

Advanced gum disease is called periodontitis and requires more aggressive periodontal treatment to restore oral health. Periodontitis can affect the integrity of the teeth, sometimes resulting in loose or shifting teeth as bacteria affect the supporting bone structure and gum tissue around the teeth. Periodontitis may require surgical treatment of diseased tissue to fully restore oral health and reduce the risk of tooth loss: gum disease remains a major cause of tooth loss in adult patients today.

Your gum health is important! Don’t let gum disease ruin your natural smile. Maintain gum health through preventive dental care, a good oral hygiene routine at home and healthy dietary habits.

If you have concerns about your gum health or how your lifestyle may affect it, discuss them with our amazing staff at your next visit. Our goal is to be a partner in your dental health care so that you can enjoy the best possible quality of life! Call 972-987-4899 today to schedule a consultation.

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