Give Yourself a Gift

Give Yourself a Gift

Dec 26, 2018

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your friends and family! The holiday season is always a busy one – parties and gatherings, lots of fun and festivities, and making sure you select the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But, did you remember to give yourself a gift this year? If you didn’t treat yourself in 2018, that’s okay! You can make 2019 your year by giving yourself the gift of a new smile from Millennium Smiles!

Why You Should Give Yourself a New Smile Next Year

Don’t love your smile? You’re not alone. Many adults hide their smile by covering their mouth when they talk, not smiling for pictures and shying away from relationships and social events because they are self-conscious about how their smile looks.

Many people who don’t love their smile feel insecure or even depressed about their appearance. This is in stark contrast to those individuals who love their smiles; research has shown that smiling more often helps to boost confidence and mood. So, if you’re not living your best life because you are not confident in your smile’s appearance, it’s time to talk to Dr. Korous about smile restoration!

What Is Smile Restoration?

Smile restoration, also known as cosmetic dentistry, helps to bring your smile back to life. Restoration procedures include procedures such as dental implants, tooth whitening, Invisalign, and porcelain veneers to replace missing teeth, teeth that have become stained and to provide a new look to teeth that have been damaged in some way.

Millennium Smiles offers a full range of cosmetic dental treatment options to help restore your smile.

One More Thing

It is important to note that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile. This means that before any cosmetic procedure begins, Dr. Korous will need to make sure your mouth is healthy first. This means a full exam and therapies for any cavities, areas of decay, or gum disease before proceeding with cosmetic treatments.

We want your smile not only to look good but to feel good, too! Call us at 972-987-4899 to give yourself a gift in 2019!

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