The Future is Now for Your Smile

The Future is Now for Your Smile

Jan 01, 2018

The Future is Now for Your Smile

Are you on the fence about Invisalign? Are you afraid to take the next step because you are not sure of what you will look like after your procedure or if Invisalign will make a difference in your smile? Dr. Korous knows that the fear of the unknown may be holding you back. To alleviate your fears, Dr. Korous offers 3D virtual simulation to give you a glimpse of your future self after Invisalign treatment from Millennium Smiles.

See Your Future Smile

To show you what you will look like after your Invisalign procedure, Dr. Korous uses the powerful technology of the iTero Scanner. The iTero scanner enables Dr. Korous to take a 3-D digital scan of your teeth and bite. Taking scans this way means you no longer have to suffer through the uncomfortable trays and goopy material of traditional impressions.

During the scan, Dr. Korous can make adjustments in real time to your smile and show you your new image right then and there. Being able to see your smile and how it is adjusted also gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and approval about your future smile before your treatment begins.

Getting digital impressions using the iTero Scanner takes out the fear of the unknown – because you will know exactly how you will look after Invisalign!

After finishing adjustments, your scanned image is then processed into the Invisalign trays during your treatment.

The scanning process takes only about 15 minutes. Not only does Millennium Smiles use the iTero Scanner and other superior technology to give you a picture of your future smile quickly, but Dr. Korous also gets your smile finished faster by accelerating Invisalign with Propel.

Power Up with Propel

Propel speeds up your Invisalign experience by stimulating the bones in your mouth to generate new bone tissue. Creating new bone tissue allows the teeth to be moved faster into the new position designed by Dr. Korous.

Using Propel can shorten the amount of time you will wear your Invisalign trays by as much as half in some patients. (Note: Results vary from patient to patient.)

Want to see what you will look like after Invisalign? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Korous by calling Millennium Smiles in Frisco today at 972-987-4899.