Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Why You Shouldn’t Wait if You Need One

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Why You Shouldn’t Wait if You Need One

Feb 01, 2018

We all may procrastinate on cleaning, organizing or studying, but delaying dental work can have serious consequences.

If you’re a candidate for a full mouth rehabilitation, consider these top four reasons you shouldn’t wait to start your restoration.

One: Delaying Could Make Your Dental Problems Worse

If you’re considering a full mouth rehabilitation, you may have several broken or missing teeth. One of the main benefits of a full restoration is correcting and improving the function of your mouth. Not fixing the damage puts your remaining teeth at risk.

Two: You Deserve a Great Smile Today

Your smile is one of the ways you make a first impression. Dr. Korous believes all her patients deserve to feel confident when they smile. After completing their rehabilitation, most patients can’t believe the difference it made and wish they would have done it sooner.

Three: Your Mouth Could be Contributing to Health Problems

There is a strong link between your oral health and your overall health. Damaged, missing or decaying teeth put you at greater risk for infections. Signs your oral health is impacting your body include constantly feeling tired, frequent illnesses and difficulty recovering from infections. A full mouth restoration can decrease your risk of dental infections and improve your health.

Four: Full Mouth Rehabilitation Can Deliver Better Looking Results

Many people opt for piecemeal repair for their dental issues. However, if you have extensive damage you may see better results with a full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Korous will create a plan for addressing all your dental concerns while also ensuring all the materials are perfect color matches to give your smile the best natural look.

If you have questions about full mouth rehabilitation, give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Korous will discuss if you’re a good candidate and describe how the procedure will work. Most rehabilitations require several visits to our Frisco dental office. Learn more by scheduling a consultation today at 972-987-4899.