Five Tips for the Best Age to Start Brushing Your Children’s Teeth

Five Tips for the Best Age to Start Brushing Your Children’s Teeth

Mar 01, 2023

Getting your child to brush their teeth daily is not a walk in the park. This is because sometimes your child can feel so sleepy and don’t want to brush their teeth; other times, they just don’t feel like doing it. So, how do you get your child to enjoy brushing their teeth even when you’re around?

How Should Your Kids Improve Their Brushing Habits?

Take Them To The Pediatric Dentist

When your child grows their first tooth, it is time to take them to the kids’ dentistry near you. Your child will be able to create a long-term relationship with the pediatrician and will get to learn proper oral practices. Moreover, the dentist near you will offer age-appropriate explanations of the dangers of failing to take care of teeth. This way, your child will improve their brushing habits to prevent oral diseases.

Make Toothbrushing a Group Activity

It can be quite challenging for your kid to be motivated to brush and floss their teeth while they don’t see you doing it. They will think it is a punishment. But when you begin toothbrushing as a group activity, they will take brushing and flossing their teeth seriously.

Kids are observant; therefore, when they see that you’re taking your oral health seriously, they will follow what you do. The dentist on Lebanon Road recommends brushing twice, flossing at least once daily, and ensuring your kids do the same. This is because kids snack a lot, and you want them to brush off all the food debris between their teeth.

Reward Their Brushing Efforts

Nothing motivates a child more than being rewarded for their efforts. Have you noticed that in the kids’ dentistry in Frisco, TX, the dentist gives kids a treat after a dental procedure? This is a reward system for being calm on the dental chair. You can incorporate a reward system at home too. It doesn’t have to be a candy, as this can be counterproductive to your kid’s oral health. Instead, give them a toy or promise them their favorite meal the next day.

How To Stop Your Kids from Hating to Brush Their Teeth

Explain The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

You might realize that your kids don’t understand the importance of brushing their teeth daily. Try and explain the dangers of dirty teeth and how it can impact their overall health. This way, your kids can appreciate the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Make Toothbrushing a Game

Brushing teeth is constant: whether young or old, you’ll have to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and the same goes for your kids. You can try several creative games to encourage your kids to brush their teeth.

First, try having your kids brush their teeth during a commercial break of their favorite show. Tell them that they can continue watching the show after brushing their teeth. Ensure that they use the right technique when brushing and not doing it hurriedly so that they go back to watching their favorite show.

Moreover, playing your kid’s favorite song can also work effectively. Most songs are around 3 minutes long; this is enough time for your child to brush their teeth properly.

Give Warnings

Tough love will sometimes do the trick when everything else has failed. Your child may hate brushing their teeth just because they can, so if you notice that whenever your child is instructed to brush their teeth and begins to throw tantrums, give simple warnings.

You can also stand behind them while brushing to ensure they brush their teeth properly. Giving simple warnings can be effective as the kids will learn that there are no negotiations when brushing their teeth and will get used to it.

Let Your Kid Choose Their Favorite Toothbrush

The good thing with toothbrushes today is that they come in different shapes and forms. Therefore, if your kid loves a toothbrush figurine, get them that. Make it seem fun to brush teeth, and you will notice that they’re excited to hold their favorite toothbrush whenever it’s time to brush them.

So, if your child is struggling with maintaining proper oral hygiene, bring them to Millennium Smiles on Legacy, and our pediatric dentist will help your child improve their brushing habits.

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