Family Dentistry: Why Take the Entire Family to the Same Dental Practice?

Family Dentistry: Why Take the Entire Family to the Same Dental Practice?

Oct 01, 2022

Family dentists help prevent visits to different dental practices for every family member to look after their individual needs. Unlike dental specialists serving a specific age group, family dentists treat patients of all ages and provide any services needed by males, females, children, and the elderly. The cumulative services available under one roof make it incredibly convenient for you to consider having family dentists catering to the needs of your household members.

Family dentists, besides helping you avoid driving around town to reach different dental professionals provide quality dental care to help you save money on high prices of gas and valuable time that you can devote to other activities or spend time with the family.

If you have apprehensions about why you must choose a family dentist over other dentists, you help yourself by considering how much time you spend contacting various dentists for general, pediatric, cosmetic, and other services and the need to set time aside every day to drive to a dental practice located nearby or far away to receive treatment for one family member. Instead, if you have a dental practice like the Frisco family dentist, making one call to the practice enables you to have all your family members accompany you to receive any treatments every family member needs.

What Makes Family Dentists Different From Other Dentists?

Family dentists graduate from the same dental school as every other dental professional in the country. Beyond the training they receive at dental school, these professionals do not acquire any special education for dealing specifically with families. However, they recognize that everyone has hectic schedules with work and no extra time available for different dental professionals. Therefore, after considering people’s requirements, these professionals offer a voluntary service that caters to every age group in the family that requires dental treatments.

Family Dentists Have Everything That You Need

What would be your situation if you had to schedule an appointment with one dentist for yourself for routine work and your spouse needed corrections for a gummy smile from a periodontist? Wouldn’t you find it a more significant challenge if your kid needed cavities filled and a senior member wanted broken dentures repaired? Would it be possible for you to schedule appointments with different specialists and have the time to spare to visit every practice on the same day? We are confident you will wish you never had a large family and their needs to attend when confronted with such issues.

Now consider a situation where you have established contact with the dental office in Frisco offering different services under one roof and schedule an appointment with them for everyone at home. Don’t you think the situation would be entirely different? For example, you could drive to the facility with your family and complete your routine appointment, get your kid’s cavities filled, your spouse’s gummy smile fixed, and the dentures of your senior member repaired in one place.

While driving to the family dentistry in Frisco, you wouldn’t have to lug around every family member’s dental records and medical history because the dental practice would have all documents needed to satisfy your needs. Instead, a drive to the family dentistry practice in Frisco would fulfill all requirements and perhaps complete the appointment quickly to give you the freedom to spend quality time with your family.

What Services Do Family Dentists Offer?

Family dentistry practices have professionals specializing in different fields of dentistry to ensure they don’t disappoint any patient visiting them with dental issues. For example, if your spouse has a gummy smile that needs correction, a periodontist from the practice will assess your spouse’s needs before suggesting a treatment best suited for their condition.

Pediatric dentists at the facility will care for your child’s dental needs and the cavity in their mouth, providing fillings or suggesting intensive treatments if required to schedule an appointment for another date.

A prosthodontist will ensure your senior family member does not have to spend more time without dentures by repairing their dental prosthetic during the same visit if the damage incurred by the prosthetic is minor. All these and more even as you complete your appointment with your dental care provider getting your routine exams and cleanings enabling you to achieve four appointments in one visit conveniently and comfortably.

Family dental office offers many benefits to everyone, but most importantly, they enable you to teach younger family members how to manage dental issues appropriately because they observe you interacting with the dentist when they accompany you for a family outing to the dental practice. In addition, it sets in motion the course of developing excellent dental care routines for all family members for the present and later when your kids grow up into responsible adults.

If you want to overcome the challenges of driving around to different dental practices for every family member, Millennium Smiles on Legacy in Frisco provides family dentistry services for your convenience and comfort. Kindly contact this practice today with your records to arrange a dental office for your entire family without delay.

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