Caring for your Dentures

Caring for your Dentures

Sep 25, 2017

When it comes to dentures, keeping them clean and well-cared for is of utmost importance. After all, you have just spent a considerable amount of time and money having your new set crafted, fitted, and adjusted so they can look and feel as much like your natural teeth as possible. Caring for your dentures doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips for keeping them looking and feeling fresh and new every day.

Rinse After Eating– Just like your natural teeth, food particles can become trapped in your dentures when eating a meal. Unlike teeth, however, food can also get stuck underneath them, which can not only be uncomfortable and disturb the fit but can also lead to odor and gum infections if not properly cleaned after each meal. Take care to remove your dentures and rinse them thoroughly under lukewarm water after you eat, and take time to swish water in your mouth before replacing them.

Be Careful!- They are made of a ceramic-polymer designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. As a result, they are extremely fragile and can shatter if dropped on a hard surface. Be careful not to drop them by making sure you replace them promptly after cleaning, and by putting them in a special case when they are not in use.

Brush Daily– Having dentures doesn’t get you off the hook for brushing your teeth! Use a denture-friendly toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush at least once a day to brush them gently and thoroughly. This will not only keep them feeling fresh and looking their best, but will also eliminate odor and cut down greatly on risk of infection.

Soak Overnight– For maximum freshness and odor control, it is essential that you soak them while you are sleeping. Products such as Efferdent helps remove stains and odor from your dentures overnight so you can wake up to them fresh each morning.

Millennium Smiles is here to help you. Dr. Dunia Korous and the rest of the staff can assist you with all your denture-related questions and concerns so you can face the world with confidence and enjoy life with your brand new smile! For quality dentures or other cosmetic dentistry services in Frisco, call Millennium Smiles today at 972-987-4899 for a consultation.

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