Dental Phobia: How a Spa-Like Office Helps

Dental Phobia: How a Spa-Like Office Helps

Apr 04, 2018

Does going to the dentist make you anxious? You’re not alone. Up to 80 percent of Americans have a fear of dental treatments.

At Millennium Smiles, Dr. Dunia Korous understands many patients have some form of dental phobia. We don’t want people to avoid going to the dentist or not get the treatment they need because they’re uncomfortable.

Our Frisco, Texas office is designed to make you feel like you’re going to a spa. Here are a few ways we help anxious patients conquer their dental phobia:

Lighting and Music

Love red and 80s rock or are you a bigger fan of the blues? We can change the music and LED lighting in your room to match your tastes.

Aroma Therapy

Our exam rooms also include optional aromatherapy to help decrease stress and anxiety.

Massage Chairs

Many patients with dental phobia tense up as soon as they sit down in the dental chair. We don’t want you to leave with tense muscles, so we’ve installed state-of-the-art massage chairs. The chairs help patients relax and leave feeling less tense.

Hot Towels

We offer warm, scented towels after cleanings and treatments to allow patients to freshen up. Many patients opt to remain in the massage chair with the warm towel for a few minutes for a boost of energy so they leave feeling refreshed.


Most importantly, we give all our patients the time and attention they deserve. Dr. Korous takes the time to explain procedures and review all your options. She’ll answer your questions and won’t begin at treatment until you’re comfortable. Learn more about our technologically advanced dental office and 3D imaging technology which can also make you more comfortable by calling 972-987-4899.

If you’ve been avoiding going to the dentist because you’re nervous or have dental phobia, give us a call today at (972) 987-4899. See for yourself what a difference our friendly staff, caring dentist and spa-like office can make.

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