You Can’t Take a Vacation from Sleep Apnea

You Can’t Take a Vacation from Sleep Apnea

May 01, 2018

Summer is just a few weeks away – and that means fun! For many people, summer means heading out of town to see family or new sights. If traveling is on your bucket list this summer and you are living with sleep apnea, you may want to think about how your condition is going to affect your summer plans.

You Can’t Take a Vacation from Sleep Apnea

As much as you probably want to, you can’t take a vacation from sleep apnea. This means that if you are traveling, you will need to remember to pack your CPAP machine. Not only are you going to need to pack it, but you will also want to bring it on board as a carry-on because you will not want to take a chance on your machine getting lost, delayed, or damaged.

Taking your CPAP on as a carry-on may also require that you bring a copy of your CPAP prescription with you to show the TSA security agent that it is a required medical device.

If you fall asleep on the airplane or you have a long international flight ahead, you will likely want to use your CPAP to protect your health and keep your airway open. If you need to use your machine in-flight, you should be sure to ask when booking your reservation if you can have access to an electrical outlet.

Accommodating Your CPAP at Your Accommodations

If you are traveling in the United States, you probably will not have an issue finding an electrical outlet to use to power your machine, but if you’re heading overseas, be sure to bring an adapter. You may also want to pack a small extension cord just in case outlets are not conveniently placed near your bed.

Also, being on vacation still means you must clean your machine to prevent residue from building up or your machine from smelling. Pack your cleaning materials and extra tubing just in case. You definitely do not want to have to search for CPAP tubing in an unfamiliar city or country.

Speaking of tubing, many people have found that after traveling with their CPAP machine, that the tubes of the machine become damaged or split while packed. Duct tape can help if you need to make an emergency repair.

Traveling with a CPAP Does Not Sound Like Fun

Taking a heavy CPAP, packing it, lugging it through an airport, cleaning your machine, and hoping everything turns out for the best does not sound like the best way to enjoy your vacation. It turns out; you may not have to take your CPAP along with you at all. Some sleep apnea patients have benefitted from dental interventions for their condition – which may replace your bulky machine with a small dental appliance. Learn more about how Dr. Korous can help treat your sleep apnea by calling Millennium Smiles today at 972-987-4899.

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