Can Adults Use Myobrace? A Comprehensive Guide

Can Adults Use Myobrace? A Comprehensive Guide

May 01, 2023

What Is Myobrace?

It is a system that addresses the underlying causes of malocclusions and misalignments in orthodontics. Unlike traditional braces that feature metal brackets and wires for straightening teeth, Myobrace in Frisco, TX, involves a series of removable appliances that can be worn over teeth for a set amount of time daily.

Orthodontists primarily use Myobrace appliances to offer a more natural and holistic approach to orthodontic care when addressing the underlying causes of malocclusions. They Work perfectly to promote proper jaw and facial development, especially when used early in life.

How Does It Work?

The Myobrace appliances are quite different from other teeth aligners in orthodontics. For one, these devices are worn for one to two hours daily and then overnight while sleeping. Dentists in Frisco design them for optimal comfort and a non-invasive approach to straightening teeth. The best news is that they are removable so you can remove them for eating, brushing, and flossing.

​Who Wears Myobrace?

The Myobrace system is ideal for children between six and ten years. It is the period when the jaws and teeth are still developing, allowing for optimal results during the orthodontic treatment. However, the appliances are not limited to young children. Instead, older children and adults with mild to moderate orthodontic issues can also benefit from Myobrace treatment.

Is Myobrace Permanent?

No. Myobrace treatment is not permanent. The orthodontic system involves removable appliances that a dentist near you must gradually adjust over time as the teeth and jaws shift into their correct positions.

Once you have achieved the desired results, you no longer need to wear them. Instead, your orthodontist will arrange for a retainer that you wear to maintain the new teeth’ alignment. You can opt to wear the retainer part-time or even nightly, depending on the specific recommendations of your attending dentist.

Besides, although Myobrace treatment is effective at correcting misalignments, you may still need future additional orthodontic treatments if new malocclusion issues arise or if you experience relapse.

When Do Orthodontists Recommend Myobrace Treatment?

When it comes to removable oral appliances, you have many options to choose from, including Invisalign®. However, Myobrace appliances are unique in the kind of treatment they offer. Ideally, other orthodontic appliances focus majorly on straightening teeth. Instead, Myobrace treatment focuses on underlying habits and patterns, and muscle function that may lead to malocclusions. Therefore, dentists near you are likely to recommend Myobrace to treat problems like:

  1. Improper tongue positioning
  2. Breathing through the mouth even when the nose is not stuffy
  3. Incorrect swallowing patterns
  4. Speech problems
  5. Thumb or finger sucking
  6. Teeth grinding
  7. Tongue thrusting
  8. Loud snoring and sleep apnea

​Does Myobrace Help with Jawline?

Indeed, Myobrace treatment at Millennium Smiles can improve your jawline’s appearance. The reason is that it is designed to address habits and muscle function. Therefore, correcting these habits improves jaw development, leading to a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing facial profile with emphasis on the cheekbones and chin.

Even then, understand that the extent of the improvements to your jawline and overall facial profile will depend on different factors, including:

  1. The severity of underlying issues – Myobrace treatment is best suited for mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Complex cases may not yield the same results as you envision.
  2. Your age – Myobrace treatment is most effective in younger patients whose jaws are still developing. If you are older, the bones are more set in place, making it harder to achieve significant changes to the jawline.
  3. The initial state of your oral health – when you have conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, you may experience less significant improvements to the jawline.
  4. Compliance with treatment – Myobrace treatment requires consistency and commitment to the customized treatment plan.
  5. Individual anatomy – ultimately, the initial shape and structure of your jaw can also influence the success of the treatment in improving your jawline. For instance, if you have a more prominent or recessed jaw, you may require additional or alternative treatments to achieve the desired results.
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