Brushing Kids’ Teeth: What You Need to Know

Brushing Kids’ Teeth: What You Need to Know

Feb 24, 2018

How do you brush your teeth?

It seems like a simple question, but could you explain it to someone? For many people it’s a habit. Most of us brush our teeth without stopping to think how we’re doing it. We do it from muscle memory.

But, children don’t have that muscle memory yet. Kids need someone to help them form healthy dental habits including brushing their teeth.

Read on below to see how Dr. Korous answers some of parents most common questions about brushing children’s teeth.

When should I begin brushing my kid’s teeth?

Before your child has teeth wipe, their gums with a wet washcloth or gauze pad.

Begin brushing twice a day as soon as your child’s teeth come in.

How much toothpaste should I use?

Children under 3 do not require much toothpaste. A small smear the size of a grain of rice is sufficient. For children ages 3 to 6 a pea-sized dab to do. Be sure to supervise your children to make sure they don’t swallow any toothpaste.

Children should brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day.

How often and for how long should I brush my child’s teeth?

Children should brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day.

How am I supposed to get my kid to brush their teeth for 2 minutes?

Two minutes can seem like an eternity – especially for a child. Try to make it a fun activity by:

  • Watching a video. Checkout some of our favorites here.
  • Offering a reward. Let your child pick out a sticker, small toy or a bedtime story after brushing their teeth. As a reminder, giving candy as a reward for brushing teeth is a bad idea. The sugar will sit in the child’s mouth overnight until he or she brushes again in the morning.
  • Incorporate their favorite characters. Many children’s characters have shows or books about brushing. Children’s toothbrushes often feature popular characters as well.

How should I brush my child’s teeth?

This video does a great job of showing children how and why they should brush their teeth.

Be sure to contact Millennium Smiles’ Frisco dental office with any concerns or questions you have about your child’s teeth.