The Big Benefits of Invisalign for Straightening Smiles

The Big Benefits of Invisalign for Straightening Smiles

Dec 16, 2017

The Big Benefits of Invisalign for Straightening Smiles

Have you perfected the art of smiling without showing your teeth? If you are self-conscious about your smile because your teeth are not straight and you want to straighten your teeth in Little Elm or Frisco and restore your smile quickly, Invisalign from Millennium Smiles is an excellent option for you.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment designed to straighten smiles using a series of custom-made, clear aligners to move the teeth.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

There are five primary benefits to choosing Invisalign over traditional metal braces.

1. Invisalign is comfortable. The clear aligners are made of a smooth plastic that fits over your teeth. There are no metal brackets and no chance of a painful poke of a broken wire. Because they are highly-customized to your mouth, Invisalign aligners feel comfortable as they gradually move your teeth into their proper position.

2. Invisalign makes eating easier. Since the Invisalign aligners are removable, when you want to eat, just take them out and enjoy your meal. Be sure to brush and floss before you put them back to prevent cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. No more worries about food getting stuck in your braces! Also, you will not have to worry about the foods you eat damaging brackets and wires.

3. Invisalign is discreet. There’s no shame in straightening your teeth, but many people that are self-conscious about their smiles usually do not want to call attention to their mouth during the restoration process. Invisalign aligners are clear and virtually unnoticeable when you’re wearing them.

4. Invisalign makes caring for your teeth easy. If you’ve worn metal braces in the past, you already know that trying to brush and floss your teeth around wires and brackets is challenging, frustrating, and requires special tools. To care for your teeth while going through Invisalign, remove the aligners and brush and floss as you normally would. No special tools needed!

5. Invisalign takes less time to move teeth. The length of time that Invisalign takes to move teeth varies from person to person depending on the complexity of each case and it can range anywhere from 6 months to over a year. Dr. Korous performs a procedure along with Invisalign called Propel that accelerates the treatment process and allows the patient to change their trays faster; therefore, leading to completion of their treatment in less time.

For example, normally you change out each Invisalign tray to a new one every 14 days; however, Dr. Korous has received advanced training in Invisalign and Propel to allow her patients to change out their trays anywhere between 8 to 4 days to lessen the time of their treatment while achieving great results and fewer refinements if any necessary at completion of treatment. Invisalign with Propel helps accelerate the treatment time and allows the patient’s teeth to move much faster and easier with less than just a few minutes soreness after the change of each tray, increases patient’s compliance due to quick and easy teeth movement towards patient’s ideal smile.

Invisalign also requires just a few appointments, typically just an oral health assessment/x-rays, personalization, scanning, and fitting with Dr. Korous. There are several maintenance visits required throughout the course of treatment to ensure the progress of teeth in the proper path. Simply follow the plan mapped out for you by Dr. Dunia Korous at Millennium Smiles and you will be smiling and showing your teeth in no time!

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