Advanced Biometrics Help Diagnose TMJ and Breathing Disorders

Advanced Biometrics Help Diagnose TMJ and Breathing Disorders

Jul 21, 2018

An increasing number of Americans are dealing with TMJ pain and breathing disorders. At Millennium Smiles, Dr. Dunia Korous uses advanced biometrics to diagnose and form a custom treatment plan for TMD-related jaw pain and airway blockages that cause sleep apnea.

Biometrics in Dentistry

The advanced tools available at our Frisco office include:

  • Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)
  • Electromyograph (EMG)
  • Jaw Tracker
  • T-Scan

Join Vibration Analysis (JVA)

A joint vibration analysis detects vibrations in your temporomandibular joints. The test is painless and takes just a few minutes. You’ll wear a small device similar to headphones. The device can pick up any vibration that occurs when you open and close your mouth.

Electromyograph (EMG)

An EMG measures and analyzes the electrical activity in your jaw muscles. The test is brief and painless. You’ll apply small electrodes on your face, forehead, side of your head and beneath your chin.

The test measures the electrical activity in your muscles while you’re using them and while you’re resting. The muscles should have low levels of activity at rest and high and balanced levels while in use. Patients with TMD often display high levels of electrical activity while at rest.

Jaw Tracker

Millennium smiles uses the latest Jaw Tracker to study patients’ mandibular kinesiology (movement of the jaw). This simple test will analyze the movement of your jaw and how your teeth align with one another. The results are used to determine what treatment is needed for avoid muscle strain, long term pain and other TMJ symptoms.

T Scan

T-Scan is a digital occlusal analysis system. This device gives provides 2D and 3D representations of how and when your teeth meet while biting or chewing and measures the force of your bite.

To perform the test, you’ll simply bite down on the devices paper-thin sensor.

What Happens After Biometrics Screenings

The results of your biometric screenings will be used to develop a treatment plan. Millennium Smiles offers a variety of treatment for TMJ disorders including appliance and laser therapy.

Laser therapy works by helping relax the muscles and can help alleviate the nerve pain caused on TMJ disorders.

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