5 Tips and Tricks for Porcelain Veneer Care: Advice from your Local Frisco Dentist

5 Tips and Tricks for Porcelain Veneer Care: Advice from your Local Frisco Dentist

Aug 16, 2017

A lot has changed in cosmetic dentistry, in a relatively short period of time: from same-day crowns to invisible braces, a lot more can be done to preserve the aesthetic value of your teeth without costing a ridiculous amount of time and money. Of all the great innovations in modern cosmetic dentistry, one stands out from the rest of the pack: the porcelain veneer.  We now have the ability to change the shape, color and placement of our teeth with relatively little expense and in practically no time at all. Porcelain veneers continue to be favorites among patients wanting a brighter, straighter, more beautiful smile, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Here are some tips for porcelain veneer care that are sure to keep your veneers beautiful for years to come.


Abstain from Stains– To take good care of your porcelain veneers, try to avoid dark-colored beverages, such as coffee, tea and red wine, as they can cause discoloration and staining. That doesn’t mean you can never drink your morning cup of Joe again- just try to brush and floss your teeth immediately after finishing your coffee. The same rule applies to any dark-colored food or drink you enjoy- simply swishing water in your mouth after having a glass of wine can help minimize the potential of staining your veneers over time.


Grind to a Halt– Bruxism, or teeth-grinding, is a shockingly common habit. The worst part is, most people grind their teeth in their sleep and don’t even realize they do it! Bruxism can be especially tough on veneers, though, so see your dentist about being fitted for a bite guard to be worn at night. Porcelain veneer care if you experience Bruxism does require special treatment. Read more about Bruxism on the American Dental Association website, here.


Gnawing is a No-No- If you have a habit of biting your nails, chewing the tips of pens, or using your teeth to open packages when you don’t have scissors handy, try to stop immediately! Your porcelain veneers run the risk of being chipped, torn off, or damaged in other ways.


Polish Makes Perfect- Having your porcelain veneers polished regularly can keep them looking as brilliant and beautiful as they did the day you had them put on. Dentists recommend having your veneers polished annually or longer depending on the patient, and will use specialized equipment and cleaning products to clean the porcelain as well as your natural teeth. In between polishes, keeping up with a good dental hygiene regimen can go a long way towards preserving the health of your original teeth as well as the brightness of your porcelain veneers.


Keep Your Guard Up– If you play sports, practice martial arts, or are involved with any other type of contact activity that could harm your teeth, keep your veneers protected with a mouth guard. While this is also a good tip for teeth in general, it is especially important to keep your porcelain veneers out of harm’s way to avoid cracking, chipping, or coming loose.

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